Nic Hagan

PlayStation Vita

As I was digging through my desk drawer the other day I stumbled across my old Vita, and I have to tell you, I love this device!

The design was fantastic and the build quality was solid. It had some great games and I’ve been enjoying playing Uncharted again at my desk.

Sony bring it back rather than the new Portal.

WatchOS 10.1 Destroying Battery Life

After I first installed watchOS 10.0 I had incredibly poor battery life. Talking 5-6 hours of usage. After a few reboots and a couple of days things evened out.

With 10.1, I have had the worst update experience I have ever had from an Apple device. I currently use both a Series 5 and Series 7 and both devices have had this issue. Both devices have lost their connection to my iPhone resulting in the need to unpair and add back.

The has been burning at no less than 25% an hour WITH low power mode on. What’s worse, when I put my series 7 on a charger, it continues to rapidly lose charge until it fully powers off. At that point it will finally start charging again.

Reddit has a few threads tracking the issue with some users claiming Apple uploaded a beta as the release version for some users. I’m not sure if that is realistic, but what I can say definitively is that this is the worst performing software update I have experienced.

Threads to get web version and advanced search in coming weeks

Thinking more about this, Meta would be better off developing a paid api and premium user level so that third party apps could be built. Seeing how we can’t quicky post, use widgets, or even share consistently; third party apps could add these features faster for power users. It would also quickly give options for tablet and desktop without much additional cost to Meta. It would require Meta to allow people to interact with their platform outside of their own app, which they should theoretically be open to since they claim to want to support activitypub.

This guy is a bigger asshat than I previously thought. Fuck Reddit.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman isn’t backing down: our full interview - The Verge

I’m so sad to see this app has to close due to lies and greed. A paid API makes a lot of sense, but the cost needs to be reasonable. I would have gladly upped my subscription to Apollo to cover a reasonable charge, but the pricing was ridiculous.

I was never that interested in Reddit and didn’t visit very often. All that changed with Apollo. It moved onto my home screen and took up far too much of my life. The embrace of iOS features was wonderful.

Apollo to close down on June 30th

Apple Events - Apple

I’m actually quite optimistic about this year’s WWDC. While I don’t have much interest in xros myself, I’m very curious to see what Apple presents. I really want to see what new updates are coming for iPadOS, iOS, and watchOS. I want more from tvOS, but that will likely never come. Multiple user, or profiles needs to come to all Apple devices and is long overdue. Might just pop in on iPadOS.

Great article about living with color blindness in a world designed without color consideration. As someone with red-green color blindness, this was helpful to share with my wife so she could understand why I react strangely at times when looking at things.

Designing for colorblindness - The Verge

This is exactly my thoughts regarding printers, and I am asked regularly. “Just get a Brother laser printer with the features you think you want” - Me

The Verge - Best printer 2023: just buy this Brother laser printer everyone has, it’s fine

Trying out a flight of hard ciders from a cool place in San Diego with my wife.

My wife has become a connoisseur of hard ciders and she wanted to try this one together. Much sweeter than I expected, but packs a punch!

#2TownsCiderhouse #superbadapple

I’m a big fan of Sonos, and while I am not in a position to afford their high end products, I am well entrenched in their ecosystem. Bringing in some devices that potentially have the potential to deliver better spacial audio would be quite welcome. I’m currently using a Beam 2 with a pair of Ones for my living room, but having some more height available on the rear speakers would make for a more immersive listening experience.

Exclusive: Sonos’ next speakers will be called the Era 300 and Era 100 - The Verge

I’m so bummed. The Titanfall series has been a highlight in shooter games. Really been hoping that a new one was on the horizon.

EA reportedly cancels new Titanfall single-player game - The Verge

Great write up about Mastodon and the Twitter of old.

Mastodon —


I’ve been a long time fan of Tweetbot from Tapbots and it has been my primary interface for Twitter for almost a decade. Most of the nonsense that Twitter has pushed on users hasn’t been on my radar since it never made its way to third party apps. That was both a blessing and curse.

With the slow demise of the Twitter that many of us used and enjoyed, I have been spending more of my time on Mastodon. While the official app isn’t terrible, the lack of a quality app has kept me from using my account that I’ve had since 2018. That has changed recently with the turmoil at the Birdsite. Tapbots has been developing their own client based off the hard work they put into Tweetbot (and Netbot) over the years. The result is a very smooth app that has officially launched on the App Store today. I have been in the beta for a few weeks and couldn’t be happier with the end result. If you are still on the fence about Mastodon, this app might help you feel more at home if you came from Tweetbot.

Ivory for Mastodon by Tapbots

Very saddened to see more turmoil at ComiXology. It has never really been at the level it was prior to the Amazon acquisition, but it clearer than ever that it will never be back to full strength.

Major Layoffs Reported At Amazon And ComiXology

It’s completely insane that there is zero response from Twitter about the status of third party apps. Just have the guts to own up to that fact that you don’t care about users, or are incapable of running the service.

Twitter apps are still broken and Musk is still silent - The Verge

Honda Rebel 1100T

Honda just made the perfect commuter cruiser. I’m a big fan of matching, lockable saddlebagson bikes. The addition of the mini batwing fairing would make this very nice on highways. My wife has a Harley-Davidson version of this in the Sport Glide, but it was almost twice the price of this bike and Honda makes much smoother motorcycles for newbies.

Sign of the end of time for third party twitter apps. Hope it’s not so.

Microsoft helping push the future of employee time off. This is a very important step in proving that the old way of providing time off is no longer best for employees. We’ve seen repeatedly that company culture and morale improve when staff are able to get adequate down time.

Microsoft employees are getting unlimited time off - The Verge

Changes once again at WWE

I don’t watch it much anymore, but I still regularly follow pro wrestling news. This latest development is crazier than any official storyline they’ve done. Vince should have stayed away, but some people just can’t quit until they burn everything to the ground.

Stephanie McMahon resigns from WWE as Vince McMahon is unanimously elected Executive Chairman of the Board - Cageside Seats

Nice morning ride with a small group. Nothing better to clear your head than getting out on 2 wheels.

It would be great to see the proliferation of a MagSafe like option for all phones. I have a few accessories that I don’t think I could live without. Having more options, that are fully compatible, would really push new ideas.

Qi2: How Apple might finally harness MagSafe by giving it away - The Verge

Damar Hamlin collapsed during an NFL game. What happened? - Vox

What an absolutely devastating event. Vox here provides some explanations on exactly what happens with these cardiac episodes.

I can’t think of anything more toxic than allowing more political and lobbying ads onto Twitter.

Twitter says it will allow more political ads as it tries to claw back revenue - The Verge

After all the booze over the past few weeks, I’m going to attempt to abstain from alcohol on weeknights for a while. Rather just one or two on the weekend and have it hit harder.